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Just 23 scenic miles separate the beginning of colonial America, Jamestown, from the end, Yorktown. This is a few square miles of the Virginia Peninsula, and it is here that most of us get our first glimpse of one of America's oldest living history museums.

The Colonial Parkway, built by the federal government in the 1930s, connects Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown. There is also a so-called "living history museum," but it is a small museum that does not offer information that you will not find in Jamestsown Settlement.

The site was rediscovered in the 1990s and detailed replicas can be admired, including three ships that sailed from England to Virginia in 1607. Historic Jamestowne is a living history museum operated by the Virginia Historical Society and the American Museum of Natural History in Williamsburg. Jamestsown Settlement offers a small museum with a large collection of 16th century artifacts, as well as a museum of historic buildings.

Virginia was one of two other colonies that paved the way for independence from Britain. James Fort was built here, which was eventually converted in 1619 to Jamestown, the capital of the Virginia Colony. Look at the history of the lost colony as the first tried permanent English settlement in the United States.

Today, Jamestown is one of three places that make up the historic triangle of Virginia - Yorktown, Virginia, and Jamestown. The other two cities that make up the historic triangle - Virginia's York Town and Jamestow - have their own unique colonial history. As neighbors of Jamestown and Yorkton, there is a colonial history - filled with a historic triangle in Virginia.

Colonial Williamsburg is far more grand than Jamestown and offers a picture of 17th-century colonial life. Colonial Williamsburgh offers an interesting view of the city's history and its inhabitants, as well as its history as a tourist destination.

Early American colonial history is linked to Jamestown's neighboring Williamsburg, as the Royal Colony was founded in 1624. So make sure to visit one of the city's many historic sites, such as the Old Town Hall, during your visit to the colonial city of Williamsburgh in January. This attraction is just a few miles from Jamestedown, which can be reached by Scotland Ferry, a short walk from the city centre.

If you plan to drive to Williamsburg, we strongly recommend that you make a visit to Old Town Hall, the oldest historic site in the city, on your itinerary. Less than three hours from Alexandria you can visit one of the many historical sites, such as the Museum of the Royal Colony. If you feel you have fully explored colonial Williamsburgh, visit the historic town of Jamestown, which houses some of Virginia's historic buildings and monuments. We strongly recommend spending a day in Jamestedown to visit many of the historic buildings as well as the historic streets and streetscape.

This allows you to visit the Living Museum of Colonial History Williamsburg for at least two days, and history buffs who want to see Yorktown and Jamestown as well. We hope you enjoy your stay in historic Jamestedowne and will be a great addition to your trip to the Virginia capital. If you want more information about the historic city of Jamestsown and its history, you can visit our website.

To learn more about Jamestown's true historic sites, visit Jamestedown Settlement, located next door. We are conveniently located in the neighborhood of Jamestsown, and you can buy a JamestOWN settlement ticket on our website for just $5 per person or $10 for a family of four.

Why it is so: On May 17, 1617, 104 men and boys landed in Jamestown, Virginia, to establish the first permanent English colony in America. Three ships landed on the Atlantic coast of Virginia, laying the foundation for the later United States of America, the colony Jamestsown. On June 16, 1717 - three years after the founding of the colonies of England - three ships landed in the waters off the east coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to establish a permanent settlement within the boundaries of this first colony with 104 people, a total of about 1,000 people.

A path leads from the pier where the three ships that brought the original colonists from Jamestown to Virginia docked in 1607 to the village of Powhatan. The settlement of three of these ships was recreated by the living museum of the Virginia Museum of Natural History and Historic Preservation in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. A path leads to the Pow hatches and the pillars, where they D Dock in Jamestsown, Va., on June 16, 1717, on the east coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the United States of America, the first permanent colony of the colonies of England.

A path leads from the pier where the three ships that brought the original colonists from Jamestown to Virginia in 1607 docked in the village of Powhatan. At the end of the footpath, you are greeted by a memorial to the Virginia Company of Settlers of Jamestown.

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