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For history buffs like me, one of the best ways to visit Jamestown, the oldest settlement in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is to visit Virginia. I've been to Williamsburg several times and been a colonial-style tour guide for the past five years, but this week was my first trip to Jamestown. We've lived in Va. for 11 years and are practically next door, and as a history buff I love it.

You can also visit historic Jamestown, a park on the site of the original colony. The area covers 301 hectares with 88 original buildings, and you can experience history with a guide in the historic downtown and in one of its original houses. Neighboring Jamestsown and Yorktown, it is part of a historic triangle of colonial history, with Virginia National Historic Park and the Historic District.

There is a small museum, although it does not offer information not found in the Jamestown Settlement, such as the history of the settlement itself.

Historic Jamestowne is operated by the National Park Service and the Virginia Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection and is part of the historic triangle that includes colonial Williamsburg. It is worth spending some time in the Jamestsown Settlement as it is a great example of a "historic triangle" that includes both Colonial and Williamsburgh. If you visit both of them, you will have a lot of fun, because you will learn a lot and be glad that you did it.

If you have young children, they will enjoy pretty much every visit to the Jamestown Settlement and will certainly have more of it than the historic Jamestsowne, but they also have to behave and behave. Whether you're an expert in Jamestedown's history or don't know anything about colonial history, you'll find plenty of family fun here.

For history buffs who also want to see Yorktown and Jamestown, a visit to the vibrant colonial-style Williamsburg History Museum is scheduled for at least two days. If you feel you have fully explored Colonial Williamsburg, you can also visit the Colonial Museum of Natural History and the Virginia Historical Society.

If you're heading to Jamestown or Yorktown, you can stop for lunch in the Newport News area or drive an hour to Virginia Beach. Stay near Williamsburg for a JamestOWN - yorktown - beach near the beaches or a visit to the Virginia Historical Society or the Colonial Museum.

You will be glad to know that Jamestown also offers several free activities, and you will also purchase a combined ticket that allows you to access all the attractions if you visit at least one of them. re here for the first time, you can buy tickets to the Virginia Historical Society or the Colonial Museum for less than $10 per person, but we want you to know how to visit less.

Let me say first of all that one day is not really enough time to visit Jamestown, colonial Williamsburg or Yorktown. So there is no point in visiting in January without visiting both. We recommend doing York Town and Jamerstown on the same day and then ColonialWilliamsburg on the same day. You can also opt for this trip if you spend more time in Colonial Williamburg than in Jamestown or Yorktown, but we recommend doing both on your own days.

Jamestown has great views of the city and its historic buildings, as well as a number of other historic sites.

Historic Jamestowne, which is located at the original Jamestsown site, is managed by Preservation Virginia and the National Park Service, and Historic Virginia Rediscovery, which is managed by the Virginia Heritage Foundation, is located in Historic Jamestowne, which is located in the historic district of the city on the eastern edge of the Old Town, just outside the city. Jamestedown is about 30 miles east of Richmond, Virginia, on Interstate 95, about an hour's drive north of Charlottesville.

Along the way, there are many places to stop to enjoy the scenery, take photos, and visit many historical sites. Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown are all connected and close by, so if you visit them, you can stay in one place for a long time, even if there is no landscape to enjoy or take photos of.

Even if you plan your day in Jamestown, you will have to decide whether to visit Jamestsown Settlement or historic Jamestown Towne. My personal recommendation is to visit both, but if you have small children, you will certainly beat the Yamestov settlement, and my personal recommendations are both.

If you are planning a trip to Williamsburg, I strongly recommend that you take a day trip to historic Jamestown Towne or the historic Jamestsown Settlement. I strongly recommend you spend your day in Jamestingown visiting the Jamestedown Museum, the Museum of Natural History and other historical sites in the city.

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